The Illusioneering Lab applies interdisciplinary theories from the cognitive and behavioral sciences to advance immersive technologies and create impactful mixed reality experiences.



Immersive technologies can create compelling illusions of being transported to a distant place or sharing space with someone who is not actually present.



Virtual and augmented reality provide new opportunities to study human perception and investigate phenomena that would be impossible to experience in the real world.



Interaction in virtual worlds is inherently spatial and embodied, with emerging applications in data analysis, education, health care, and entertainment.

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Congratulations Dr. Chen!

Congratulations to Chih-Fan Chen, who presented his research on “Rapid Creation of Photorealistic Virtual Reality Content with Consumer Depth Cameras” and passed his Ph.D. dissertation defense at USC!


Paper accepted to ICAT-EGVE!

Our paper “Individualized Calibration of Rotation Gain Thresholds for Redirected Walking” has been accepted to the International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence & Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments!  Courtney Hutton will present at the Read more…

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