The Illusioneering Lab has five submissions accepted at the IEEE VR 2019, the premier academic conference on virtual reality and 3D user interfaces!

Jerald Thomas will present the paper, A General Reactive Algorithm for Redirected Walking using Artificial Potential Functions.

Courtney Hutton will present Augmented Reality Interfaces for Semi-Autonomous Drones at the doctoral consortium.

Evan Suma Rosenberg will present Combining Dynamic Field of View Modification with Physical Obstacle Avoidance at the Workshop on Immersive Sickness Prevention.

The lab will also present the following two research demos:

  • An Augmented Reality Motion Planning Interface for Robotics
    (in collaboration with the University of Minnesota’s Applied Motion Lab)
  • Automatic Generation of Dynamically Relightable Virtual Objects with Consumer-Grade Depth Cameras

The conference will be held on March 23-27 in Osaka, Japan.  Congratulations to all the students and co-authors!

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